Thursday, 27 October 2011

221b baker street: an impersonation.

In order to annoy my inner Sherlock, of course I had to dress as him for Superhero Day
at school!  It was fun, though when I got really into character I think I scared my friends
a bit... :)

Oh, and in case you missed my introductory blog post about Sherlock, click!

blazer - Lauren Conrad for Kohl's // trousers - Macy's // button-down shirt - Coldwater Creek // lace camisole - Elle for Kohl's // long vest-coat-thing - Orvis // scarf - Chaps

I'm in a mood this evening and the last thing I feel like doing is blogging - yet here I am.  Mostly I just wanted to share these photos, because 1) they're somewhat Sherlockian, pshyeah! and 2) they're the last of my un-posted photos, so I can stop feeling bad about them just sitting there collecting stray pixels, or whatever computerized things collect when left alone for a long time, since they're not actual physical objects and therefore cannot collect dust.

Huh.  Sleep time now?

Oh, but before I go!  I also wanted to show you some of my favourite Sherlock pictures (I have no life whatsoever, it is true.):

Oh, I give up.  I was going to try to make the pictures clickable but I can't figure out how!
These two awesome doodle pages are from the lovely Jena of Charming Anachronism :)
...we get bored in Chemistry class.

John is made of kittens.  Obviously.

I love Martin Freeman.  SO much.

[...I feel bad that I don't remember exactly where all these photos came from.
But they were on Tumblr, I'm sure of it.]



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