Saturday, 22 October 2011

are you lost? or just curious?

No, Mr. Goat!  You may not eat my petsitting money!

My hair defies gravity.

This is Mr. Big Daddy Goat.

Miss Mummy Goat 1.

Miss Mummy Goat 2.  I wish I knew their names...!

Colours!  Autumn seems to have crept up on us.

teal sweater - thrifted // black skirt - thrifted and modified // cheetah-print tights - Target or Kohl's, I can't remember // combat boots - Kohl's

I have three days' worth of photos that I've been meaning to post!  This is the middle of those - yesterday's excursion to my friend's farm to feed her pets while she's away.  She has a plethora of creatures (cats, dogs, goats, birds, fish, chickens, bees) but my only task was to take care of the cats and dogs.  The goats, however, had to make sure I was doing everything right, and followed me around while I fed the animals and my mum took some quick photos of my outfit.  Aren't they so charming?  The goats, I mean,  not my photos.  Though you can say those are charming too, if you want!

Also yesterday, I went to see my friend Sky and my cousin Zack in a play called "Still Life With Iris".  Sky was the star of the show, playing Iris and doing an absolutely brilliant job of it.  Zack had a smaller part but was absolutely hilarious.  Last night was their opening night, so some mistakes were to be expected, but I thought they did a great job of not breaking character when a prop was missing or a line was skipped, and continuing along with the show.  Since this show was put on by the same community theatre group that did the production of "Alice in Wonderland" which I was in a few months ago, there were a lot of the same kids in this show as in Alice.  Actually, I'd planned on auditioning for this show but didn't because I was going to do my school's One Act show instead.  I wasn't cast in the one-act (most likely because my drama teacher hates me.  That sounds conceited, but it's true.  I didn't even make crew, and that was just insulting.  But that's another story...) and I didn't even give this show another thought until I saw it last night.  Oh, I wish I'd been a part of it!  The story was excellent, the costumes were really fun, and it was just a fantastic production, seeing as these were mostly little kids (the average age must have been 11... there were a handful of older and younger kids, too, though) delivering lines far beyond their normal vocabulary, and delivering them with meaning and emotion!  This theatre group is doing The Little Mermaid in the spring, and I'm extremely tempted to audition if my schedule will allow.  I love The Little Mermaid!  :)

I'll post the other sets of photos soon, I promise.



  1. I love that sweater! It's so bright and pretty and it looks super comfy.

  2. Thanks, Luinae! I love love love sweaters, they're so warm and fantastic! That's why fall is the best season - sweater season :)


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