Monday, 17 October 2011

living is so easy with blindfolds on our eyes.

"Is it... supposed to zip up, you know, the rest of the way?"
"No, Dad, sorry.  It's made like this."

Haley and her boyfriend, Buddy :)

A sneak preview of the homecoming dance - ooh, intrigue!

dress - Modcloth // shoes - Jessica Simpson Collection // diamond studs - vintage from Grandma


What a despicable word.

I'm not a sports person, so the football game doesn't excite me, and I don't enjoy grinding to bad party music, so the dance is less than ideal as well.  Of course, I found myself attending both of these events.  How fun.

The game was actually rather fun - mostly because instead of sitting in the stands, I was pacing the track and taking photos!  Haley is on the school newspaper staff, and they needed photographers to cover the game and dance - which is how we both got roped into attendance.  It was freezing at the game, but we ate Nutella and took a ton of photos... which I can't post yet, because the newspaper's policy is that photos must be published in the paper before anywhere else (which makes sense, because if you can find photos online, why would you buy the paper?).  So when the paper is released, I'll post my photos here!  I didn't think I'd have that much fun photographing a sports game, and granted, my better photos are of people not playing football, but still.  I had a good time.

The dance was considerably less fun.  First of all, it's very hard to take photos in a darkened gymnasium while strobe lights are flashing and a few hundred teenagers are running and dancing and constantly moving. Why can't they just stand still for my camera!?  I got a few photos, though mainly to document Haley's embarrassment that was her boyfriend, Buddy, dancing enthusiastically and a bit ridiculously to every song.  He's hilarious!  Haley avoided photos like a ninja, unfortunately :P

Dressing up for the dance was the only fun part (apart from going to Haley's house beforehand and eating potato soup while watching Community!) - I love my dress!  It's so different from what anyone else was wearing, and it required minimal accessories while providing maximum awesomeness.  My father was wary of the open back, but the rest of the dress (ahem, minus the deep mesh-v in the front, haha) was really quite modest so he couldn't complain!  I was worried about having to wear a special backless bra, but with my small bust it wasn't a problem at all - it was actually rather comfortable!  The red stilettos took a bit of convincing for my mother, but after seeing the other options (even higher heels, with platforms.  I tried on a pair of what must have been 7-inch heels!  That was crazy.), she relented.  They were actually pretty comfortable as well!  I kept them on the whole dance.  Granted, I didn't dance much at all, but still.  It counts.

I hope your weekend was as... eventful... as mine!  Or maybe not, seeing as I wouldn't wish that upon anyone against their will.  I was positively out-of-my-mind exhausted by Sunday.



  1. Love the entire outfit! I saw two pair of Charlotte Russe shoes like that at the new Goodwill store in Stafford. Didn't buy them, but they were fun to try on. :)

  2. Thank you so much! Ah, I love Goodwill - but I've never been able to find any good shoes at the one I frequent... I suppose I'll just have to look in different stores :)

  3. Hey Shayli! The dress looks amazing on you! Dressing up is the best part about school dances. :) Have a great day!

    Sandra @ModCloth

  4. Thanks a million, Sandra! :)


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