Monday, 24 October 2011

the right to play my ukulele in a coffee shop.

This slide used to be a lot taller when I was five!  Granted, it was still pretty tall xD

No idea what I'm doing here... but Ellie photographed it!

Esther and Ted seesawing.

Tara's fantastic balancing act!

I love Tara's shoes!

Ellie serenaded us while we walked :)

Notes, photos, illustrations, and all four novels and 56 short stories!


Esther is adorable :)

Buddy's shoe is evil!

Esther and Ted being silly :)

Haley was drawing on her shoes...

Esther's shoes!  I love!

This is on of the doors that *everyone* takes their senior photos in front of.

This is the other door... except it's not really a door.  We didn't think he could climb it...

But we were wrong!

Even the ivy is changing colours!

Ooh, sign me up!

...I'm worried.

I have awesome friends :)

This Saturday, I met with a group of friends - some I hadn't seen since July, and some I see every week (or every day, in Haley's case!).  We strolled around downtown, got almost kicked out of my favourite coffee shop for playing the three ukuleles we had among us (psh, we have the right to play ukulele in a coffee shop!), and bought a box set of The Annotated S Sherlock Holmes!  It was absolutely brilliant.

Sorry for the photospam, but this is the first of two sets of photos I wanted to share.

Hope you had as great a weekend as I did!



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