Sunday, 2 October 2011

social niceties won't prevent me from buying the boots I like, thanks.

most fabulous sweater - thrifted // jeans - American Eagle // boots - Mark Anthony for Kohl's (yeah, they have better men's boots than they do women's, so...) // leaf necklace - vintage

You know me, I love a good thrifting mission.  It's awesome, especially when you walk into a regular department store afterwards, see a dress for $50, and smirk about the fact that you filled two shopping bags for that same price.  Feels good, man.

My mum and I went to Goodwill a few days ago because I knew there was cold weather coming and needed new sweaters.  Desperately.  I have since been rewarded, as the temperature was in the mid-50's all day and I've been cozy and warm in my sweater that cost me about $4!  I bought quite a few more sweaters (which you'll be seeing, I'm sure) as well as a couple of jackets and shirts, and a little camera!  I'm on a mission to find the weird battery it requires, and hopefully soon - I've been needing a little film camera I can carry around easily :)

Now, the boots.  These are men's boots.  I tend to ignore gender barriers whilst shopping - if I'm looking for a dress or jeans, I'll go to the women's section, but for scarves (men's scarves are always softer, at least in the stores in my area for some reason :P) and other interesting things not found in the women's section (oh, don't look like that, you know what I mean), I'll look in the men's.  I've even found cute skirts in the little kids' section.  I also overlook sizes, because I want to buy a small shirt and then an extra-large sweater, dammit!  Maybe I'm just a "hipster" like that, or maybe it's simply a social convention that doesn't need to be followed.  But why did I get a weird look from the clerk when I bought these boots?  It was a look similar to the one I received when, at lunch, I asked for whatever slop the school was serving, minus the meat.  

"No meat?"  "No, no thanks."  "You sure?"  "Quite positive."  "...Okay then, hon."

"Are these women's shoes?"  "No."  "Oh, they're men's shoes?"  "That would be the logical conclusion, yes."  "Okay, miss."

What, do I need a reason to not eat meat, or to buy men's boots?  What's it to them?



  1. hahahaha people these days! Gah! You look gorgeous, dahling :)

    "I am want to buy a small shirt" sleepy typo? xD

  2. Haha, whoops! Thanks for pointing that out, I fixed it.

    Et merci :)

  3. Love the knitte cardingan and the way you paired it with the tough cute :)

  4. Do you think you can leave me a link for the boots. I can't seem to find them anywhere?

    1. They don't seem to be online anymore, I'm sorry! But they were from Marc Anthony's collaboration with Kohl's.


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