Thursday, 24 November 2011


How is it that my hair looks so much less frizzly in this picture...

...than in this picture?   The world may never know.
sweater dress - Forever 21 // tights - Apt. 9 // lace-up boots - Elle for Kohl's //
lipstick - 075 Let Me Pink from Maybelline

I heard there was a holiday happening today, in America?  And, seeing as I live in America, I should probably remember what it is.  All I can think of is that it must be "write more write more write more words NOW!" day.... then again, that's been every day for all of November!

Currently, in the Land of NaNoWriMo, I have written 30,617 words.  I'm extremely behind (I should have 10,000 more words, at least) but I'm going to write all day today, minus socialising with family and eating delicious foods and such, and allllll day tomorrow!  I WILL finish this novel.  

On Tuesday, my father returned home from a business trip in Amsterdam.  I was extremely jealous that he got to travel to Europe, and he was super excited because it was his first time.  He brought back lots of chocolates, some goat cheese, and two pashmina scarves for me!  He knows I love scarves, and apparently the people of Holland are big on scarves too - what a crazy random happenstance!  I'll have to show them off in a blog post or two soon.  One is red-orange with brown and gold and black swirling designs, and the other is pale gold with faint designs on either end.  I adore Europe and pride myself on not being quite as ignorant as your "typical" ignorant American, but the names used for Holland were confusing me the other day!  My father was in Amsterdam, which was in Holland, which was also known as the Netherlands?  And the people there were... Netherlanders?  Netherlandians?  Hollandaise?  Oh, Dutch.  Gotcha.

The dress I'm wearing in these photos I have had for a long, long time, but I seem to have never photographed it before!  I think that's pretty ridiculous, but not uncommon - there are a few outfits which I've worn many times but never managed to photograph!  So I was determined to take photos today, as I love this dress very much :)

Also, I got a haircut!  It's not usually as big and wacky, but I think I slept on it funny last night.  I kind of like it though, what do you think?  Better than being limp and sad and wintery.

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving, to my American readers!  Mmm, mashed potatoes.



  1. Oh, hey look, my 100th post! Yay! :)

  2. :O You are just so beautiful. Just... wow... love you and your dress and your post and you you you. <3 Keep being awesome. :) Oh, and this is Lisa... on her grammie's computer. hehe

  3. Aw, thank you so much, Lisa! <3 <3 <3


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