Tuesday, 1 November 2011

the scariest thing is what comes AFTER halloween.

Slowly going mad from all the prose!  AH....

Yep.  Officially mad.  Or purple.  Huh?

Get off of Blogger right NOW and keep writing!!

Oh, I think a plot just ran by.  Bye, plot!

I will be so happy once this is over.

Thirty days and nights of literary abandon.

cabled sweater - thrifted // floral shorts - Elle for Kohl's // tights - Target // combat boots - Kohl's

Yesterday was Halloween, one of the most awesome days of the year.  Well, if you're a kid and can go trick-or-treating.  I'm no longer really of trick-or-treating age, but this year I took my little cousin (yep, Zack) around his neighborhood with Haley.  It was fun just walking around and seeing all the little kids in costumes, even though it was pretty chilly!  I had my cape on, so Zack and I both swirled along (he was the Phantom of the Opera) and Haley, well, she was a gypsy with a lifeguard hoodie on :)  

Even scarier than some of the houses on Halloween, though, is what I am endeavouring to do this November:

November is National Novel-Writing Month, and every year a contest called NaNoWriMo is held.  NaNoWriMo challenges writers to create a 50,000-word novel in the month of November alone - that's 1,667 words a day!  Right now I'm up to 1,427 and counting, and it's a lot harder than I'd thought!  But I'm determined to win the challenge, for two reasons: one, just to prove to myself that I can do it, and two, if you win (make it to 50,000 words), the NaNoWriMo organization will have your book professionally bound and sent to you - for free!  Because, come on, that's pretty freaking awesome if you can churn out that much writing in a month.  It's not expected to be great (in fact, it's kind of expected to be craptastic!) but any writing at all helps you become a better writer, and taking on this challenge with the support from writers all over the world going through the same thing has got to be worth it, even through all the stress.

Basically, I'm telling you this because NaNoWriMo means I'll be devoting a huge amount of time to meeting my word count goals every day along with functioning as a "normal" human being and keeping my grades up and whatnot.  With NaNo, I can't promise I'll be updating my blog as often as I'd like - there just isn't enough time for me to do everything I'd like.  It kills me, because I have so many fun outfits planned out that I can't even guarantee to myself I'll have time to photograph, much less edit and write up a blog post for!  I apologise very immensely muchly, but I don't want to just spew out crap blog posts this month, for the sake of keeping up stats and viewings and such.  Because that's no fun for anyone!

This blog post is 429 words!  I need that for my story!  Ah!


Here's a video I thought I'd share with you, which should explain some of the crazy madness that will be going on:


  1. Ahhh, good luck!
    I'm trying this year too.

  2. Thanks, and good luck to you, too! :)


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