Saturday, 24 December 2011

a carmelldansen christmas eve.

yellow jumper - thrifted // collared shirt - thrifted // polka dot dress (worn as skirt) - thrifted // tights - DKNY // ankle boots - Steve Madden // leaf necklace - vintage

Merry Christmas Eve!

All of today, I've had the Swedish pop song Caramelldansen stuck in my head!  It's crazy and ridiculous and I have absolutely no clue what it's saying, but it's so damn catchy!  So I sing along and make up the words in English... (In case you're wondering, the video I linked to has Sherlock and John dancing - there's another hilarious video where someone has put Doctor Who clips to the song and subtitled it with what the Swedish words sound like in English.  That's the one I usually sing!)

I was so excited today to visit my auntie and uncle (Zack's parents) to exchange presents and eat cheesecake :)  My aunt recently came home from the hospital after suffering her second stroke.  It was really frightening, especially because she's an extremely healthy woman and they aren't really sure what caused it.  But she's home now and just in time for Christmas(!), which we're all very grateful for.

The highlight of the night was, of course, getting to see her finally home and walking a bit (which is exciting!) - but it didn't hurt that her Christmas present to me was a gift card to Urban Outfitters!  She's the best auntie <3

Now I have to sneakily wrap the rest of my presents (procrastinator?  no, not I!), so I shall bid you adieu!

Have a fabulous Christmas :)


PS - Every time I tie my hair back and have just the chin-length layers hanging forward, I'm always tempted to go straight to my hairdresser and ask for a chin-length cut.  It seems as though every time I get my hair cut, I just want it shorter and shorter and shorter!  What do you think - should I do it?


  1. Oh oh oh! Do it! I think you would lovely with a chin-cut :) Also, it's really weird to see what you're wearing from your blog and not in real life...eie! Happy (late) Christmas!

  2. Merci, dahling! I'm going to ask Cinna about it next time I visit him :)
    And that just means we must get together over this break, and before New Years!


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