Saturday, 31 December 2011

on the eve of a new year.

(because "New Year's Eve" starts to sound funny after hearing/reading it so many times.)

In less than eleven hours' time (from where I'm sitting on my bed, at least), it will no longer be 2011.  It will, in fact, be 2012.

Woah, shocker!

Now, I like New Year's.  I really do.  Despite the fact that I can't remember the last time I actually did something interesting to celebrate it (maybe when I was eleven?  huh).  Or despite the fact that my period has perfect timing, of course, and hey, today seemed like a good day to appear!  So I may or may not be curled in the fetal position (vertically, if that's possible) as I type this.  And I've taken quite a bit of Advil today.  Will that inhibit my champagne-drinking tonight?  Well, maybe it would, if I could drink champagne.  Underage.  Well, damn.

Did I say I like New Year's?

I do, I really do.  Maybe I like the idea.  The idea of a new beginning.  Maybe I just like all the bright lights or the fact that everyone is tripping over themselves to be a nicer/healthier/generally better person in the coming year.

New Year's resolutions never really work for me.  Maybe I've just never formulated them correctly before?  See, I'd think they should work, because I'm a person who doesn't quit until a challenge is completed.  That is, unless the goal is vague and not planned out and then my working towards that goal just sort of fades away slowly, before I even know what's happening.

Funny enough, the former usually happens with experiments generally viewed by the rest of the world as "a bit not good".  The latter is usually vows to exercise more.

This year, I plan (resolve?) to take at least one photograph every day, and also to start saving money to go to England.  Not just complain about not being able to go, but actually save actual money to go there, actually.

What the Mirror Saw has evolved vastly in this past year.  This blog isn't even a whole year old yet, but the differences between my first and most recent posts are stunning... and kind of terrifying!

All my old photos were taken in the guest bathroom... with my cruddy little camera perched on the counter!
Now I have a Nikon D5100, two lenses, a tripod and a remote shutter release.  Also, I'm no loner afraid of what passing
cars might think of me, posing in front of my tripod in the front yard :)

I looked so worried  back then!  Why?  Also, I like my hair a lot better now :)
In 2011, I... started this blog; performed Alice in Wonderland as one of the Alices; did some wonderful photoshoots with Jena; went to Mexico and successfully avoided getting a tan; survived 21 days without eating sugar, caffeine, wheat, or dairy; became obsessed with roadtrips (but not with driving); was featured on the front page of Chictopia; got a 2 on an AP exam; fell in love... with my violin (again)... and with a pair of shoes (but we mutually decided to just stay friends); explored downtown with my friends; finally escaped medication; photographed a wedding; got a haircut; got another haircut; discovered some amazing movies and books; turned sixteen; survived the end of Harry Potter (except not really, because this is never going to end!); got my learner's permit; went to SUUSI; spent two weeks without internet or phone or electronics (in other words, went to hippy camp); "survived" an earthquake; started my junior year of high school; wrote poetry, learned how to make other people happy; fell in love with [and/or became, according to some] Sherlock; wrote a novel in one month; became adept at Photoshop; alternated between telling the truth and telling lies, and sort of learned the difference; made my English teacher cry (tears of joy); maintained all As and Bs in school; and maybe even learned a thing or two about myself.  Maybe.

Maybe this year I'll read all the classics I've bought but haven't finished.  Maybe this year I'll learn to like birthdays.  Maybe this year I'll have my novel printed.  Maybe this year I'll walk more.  Maybe this year I'll cut my hair short.  Maybe this year I'll travel somewhere interesting.  Maybe this year, I'll learn something new.  Maybe this year, I'll teach myself piano.  Maybe this year, I'll replace boredom with happiness.

I wish you all a happy and hopeful year, my friends!


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