Saturday, 5 May 2012

keep breathing, though the air wants to drown you.

Olallieberry turnover!

Gorgonzola and spinach pasta - mmm!

Francese bread <3

Iced tea is good for you.

Acrobatic squirrel mother!

Daisy Mae :)

I can't believe I forgot to post these photos!  They're from our first day in Santa Cruz - we visited the best bakery in the area, sat on the [very cold] beach and read, and had dinner at the house of some long-time friends of my parents.  It was a fantastic re-introduction to the lovely little town we hadn't seen for three years.

As for more recent photos, I may work on taking some this weekend or week.  I've been insanely busy with school and studying for exams, not to mention the heaps of make-up work I've had to complete because I've been out sick on and off this past week.  Plus, it's ridiculously humid all the time right now, and do you want to see my frizz-tastic hair? You don't.  You really, really don't.


Thursday, 19 April 2012

playing with matches, a girl can get burned.

striped top - American Apparel // pieced leggings - Simply Vera Vera Wang (Kohl's) // boots - Doc Martens // cross-body bag - borrowed from my mum // red headband/silk scarf - vintage // 
lipstick - Serge Lutens in #7 Votre Sienne

[Last post, you got a lot of photos.  This time, it's a lot of words.  Are you ready?]

Wearing headbands, especially rolled or tied scarves, makes me feel like I belong in the cast of Fiddler on the Roof - which is totally a good thing!  Brings me back to my Russian-Jewish heritage and such (true story).  Whatever the people on the streets of San Francisco might have thought, I was quite happy humming "Matchmaker, Matchmaker" and strolling around in some of my newly-purchased goods!

This striped top from American Apparel is a dream come true.  The fabric is thick cotton (I think), so there's no need to worry about bra visibility as is the case with most white shirts.  And every time I would delve into my suitcase (or, mercifully,  my closet, once we were at the beach house), I found myself reaching for it - it's superduper versatile!  I would also pair it with one of those breezy, gorgeous chiffon skirts American Apparel carries, but alas... this will have to do for now.

You can't really see them, but the earrings I'm wearing are also from San Francisco.  There are street vendors all over the city (and especially by the Bay around Fisherman's Wharf and the cable car station-thing), selling everything from jewellery to caricatures to balloon hats.  My father and I stopped to admire some necklaces at one man's cart, and because my dad is a street-wise New York bargain-master, we ended up with the two necklaces (one for me, one for my mum) and complementary earrings for each!  I'll have to show you some close-ups of the necklace - I'm not wearing it in these photos, but it actually would have gone quite well with this outfit.  It's made with brass and poppy jasper and turquoise :)

And, ah, the lipstick.  Another souvenir from the city!  My mother and I stopped in the Barney's at Union Square to look for some lipstick.  I had the brand Beauty is Life in mind, but I let the saleslady lead me around and have a look when she told me they didn't have those particular lipsticks in stock yet.  I really liked the almost-coral-but-not-quite red colour of the Serge Lutens lipstick she showed me (it's a little brighter and springier than MAC's Russian Red, which I also love), so I bought it.  And, umm.  Being in Barney's, I expected to pay good money for a good product.  And the product is very, very, very good (it survived some very messy but delicious eggs florentine the next morning, and is matte but not at all drying), but it was a liiiiiiiitle bit more of a splurge than I'd anticipated.  (And by a little, I mean IcouldhaveboughtfivegoodlipsticksforthispricewhatthehelldidIjustdo?)  So as much as I wanted to talk about it on the blog, I was worried.  What if somebody thinks I'm bragging?  I'd probably think someone was bragging if they showed off their fancy expensive lipstick.  But it's really nice!  Why shouldn't I share nice things?  People might feel awkward.  This is making ME feel awkward!  After discussing the matter between myself and I for quite a while, I decided to share anyway.  Hey, I buy cheap, unwanted, second-hand sweaters at the Goodwill that are so weird nobody else will love them.  I buy pretty much everything else at Kohl's, and still like shopping at American Eagle at times.  I'm not embarrassed by thrifting, so I shouldn't be embarrassed by a rare [and slightly accidental] splurge.  At least, that's what I'm telling myself.

(I realise I could have avoided the money subject entirely and not have written that incredibly awkward last paragraph, but the subject was bothering me and where better to say "I am bothered by the social consequences of expensive lipstick!" than on my blog?  Moving on.)

So, yeah.  I like my striped top, my Doc Martens, and my expensive lipstick.  Now as penance, I'll go take some notes for English class.  Yeah.


Tuesday, 17 April 2012

nothing's ever quite my fault, or everything is at once.

I'm home in Virginia now, but the California photos just keep coming!  Between driving to Redwood City for a night and then waiting two or three hours in the airport before boarding the plane (and eating some surprisingly delicious avocado sushi whilst waiting!), I finally managed to edit a huge load of photos.  And believe it or not, these are just from one day.  Ladies and gentlemen, I now present to you: 
the sixth of April!
[cue cheering]

 This is a middle school, can you believe it?  It was huge!