Tuesday, 17 January 2012

five things [on a testing tuesday].

Today marks the start of midterm exams at my school!  The good news is that we get half-days all week, which is lovely, but the bad news is... well, exams.

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1. knitting.
I've known how to knit for years, but the actual act of knitting is something I don't often have time for.  My inspiration for whipping up hats and gloves and scarves (never socks) comes and goes in waves, and I've amassed quite an extensive collection of yarn!  And yet in a yarn shop we visited while in Alexandria, I just had to pick up a few more skeins.  This yarn is really gorgeous, though - it's thick, bulky alpaca, super soft, and the most gorgeous deep purple.  I'm working on turning it into a hat, presently!  You'll probably see photos of it on my head once it's completed.

2. wall decorations.
The walls of my house are mostly empty.  Now, I can appreciate the simplicity of a bare wall, but I really wish we had more framed things hanging around the house.  Part of my mum's dream to perfect our house is to hang up all our old (and some new) photographs, but we just haven't really gotten around to it.  [I have a special interest in this because my parents want to print some of my photography and hang it up, too - hey, they did it with my fingerpaintings when I was three!]

3. menswear.
Tweed, bowties, oxford shirts, brogues, fedoras - I absolutely love the menswear trend that is happening [and has been happening for a while...] now!  It's super simple, but endlessly classic and chic.  I think a tweed/plaid jacket is definitely a necessary addition to my closet - maybe one from Zara's?

4. fairy lights!
Not just for Christmas - I really need some more strands of these to put around my room year-round.  I especially love the idea of putting them around a mirror, like in the left photo above.  Double fairy-power!

5. hand-written letters.
My father and I were in CVS because I wanted to pick up some new lipstick (which you'll see in tomorrow's post!), and while I browsed around the make-up aisle, he looked through the sympathy greeting cards (as a doctor, you've got to have those on hand).  It just reminded me of how much I dislike pre-made greeting cards - they're just a convenient replacement for letters, because people can't be bothered/don't have time/don't even remember how to write proper letters any more.  I'd rather take a blank card and write down my congratulations/sympathy/happy birthday, and I'd definitely rather receive something someone put thought into, and didn't just sign and stick in the mail.  Letter-writing is a bit of a lost art, don't you think?

So... now I think I'll go write a letter to someone.  Au revoir!



  1. This is Buddy, i just chose anonymous cause i don't know how this works. you should write a letter to a SUUSI person or a nerdfighter ( or both) anonymously, or under a pen name. might be fun, ok just thought id offer that idea up for consideration. Bye :)

    1. That's a super nifty idea! Hahaha so if you receive any suspicious packages or envelopes... it may or may not be me!


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