Tuesday, 10 January 2012

five things [on a tiresome tuesday].

Today was rather tiresome.  It's also my little brother's fourteenth birthday, which is terrifying.  Luckily, I've had this post to look forward to all day!

All images found on Pinterest.

1. collars, collars, collars!
I'm in love with collars, quite suddenly.  Peter pan collars, oxford shirt collars, pointy collars, scalloped collars, fancy collars which I don't have a name for, anything!  I think the potential for layering is endless, and they look infallibly adorable peeking over the neck of an oversized sweater.

2. Elizabeth Taylor's hair.
How could you not love it?  I really don't know that much about Elizabeth Taylor, to be honest, but I saw her photograph in Entertainment Weekly the other day, and instantly fell for her style.  If I was a braver person, I might cut my hair to her length - it's positively gorgeous!

3. lip stain!
While I adore lipstick, the pain of constantly minding whether it's stayed perfect or not can wear on the love I feel for it.  Even "long-lasting" lipsticks still prompt worry - what if I smudge it accidentally at lunch? what if no one points out that I have some on my teeth?  Lip stains seem to be an ideal solution, but I've only ever tried CoverGirl's Outlast LipStain, and I wasn't that impressed.  Any suggestions?

4. fountain pens.
I love writing, and I love it even more if I have a beautiful instrument to write with!  While my handwriting isn't the most elegant, I still think the smooth writing of a fountain pen is relaxing and almost inspiring.

5. other people's houses.
That sounds creepy, doesn't it?  I mean the interiors.  Damn, still creepy.  Erm... I really like looking at interior design, especially quirky and unique touches that make someone's home their own.  I'm always taking mental notes about how I want my dorm/flat/house to look like when I have one.  Light and bright and airy, or dark and cosy and surprising - it's more of a dilemma than you'd think!

Here's to a lovely week - I'm really excited for Friday!  You'll see in an upcoming post why :)


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