Tuesday, 31 January 2012

five things [spring is such a tease].

Spring randomly decided to turn up today - it's 68 degrees outside at the moment!  Of course, this gorgeous weather will be gone within the next two days or so, but it's lovely while it's here. I think my cats have got the right idea, making the most of the warm sun by basking in it while they can.

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1. lemon-scented things.
Recently, I picked up some more of Giovanni's mint lemonade body scrub at Wegman's because they were all out of the hot chocolate scrub that I so adore.  I'd forgotten quite how delightful its lemony counterpart was, though, and was super impressed when I tried it out last night!  I've been feeling some of the winter blues lately, but this scrub helped cheer me up, with its cool lemony scent and tingly mint feeling.  It's also super moisturising, which I found surprising for a salt scrub, but hey - no complaints there!  Paired with my lemon-scented soap from LUSH and some organic [gelatin-free!] lemon gummy bears in my lunch today, I'd say I'm feeling pretty peachy keen.  Except, you know, with lemons.

2. poetry.
I stayed home from school sick yesterday, with a combination of a headache and a lot of really painful muscle tension and mostly just stress.  So to relax a little, I warmed up a heating pad in the microwave and put it over my shoulders, made some tea, and wrote pages and pages of poetry.  I'll probably never do anything with these poems, as they aren't my best (I can't even remember the last time I actually sat down and wrote something, to be honest), but the act of putting my thoughts down onto paper was relaxing and creative and, most importantly, stress-free.  Maybe that's why I've been making lists so often lately, because lists help organise my thoughts too.  But poetry is more cathartic.  It's more fun.

3. eyeliner.
On my new cruelty-free make-up crusade (about which I promise I'll write a post... eventually!), I was finally able to try Urban Decay's 24/7 eyeliner.  It definitely did not disappoint!  I bought it in black, because I'm not a dramatic eye make-up sort of girl, and I figured if I'm totally re-creating my makeup stash, I should start with a basic and then build it up to include some fun colours.  Because what fun colours there are!  My mother almost had to pry my hands away from Lucky, a coppery colour that I think is just gorgeous and am desperately lusting over like my friend PJ over Taylor Swift.  But, ahem, weird celebrity crushes aside, Urban Decay's eyeliners are super long-lasting, go on very smooth, and come in the best colours.  I also want to try teal and eggplant!

4. jumpers!
What can I say?  With all the weird indecisive weather we've been having around here lately, jumper-and-jeans has become my go-to uniform.  I'm sure everyone around me is tired of it, and I really need to stop by the thrift store and see what new beauties they've got in stock, but I just can't help myself!  Cardigans, pull-overs, turtlenecks... I'll wear them all, and the more ridiculous the better (case in point: here and here).  [Also, I know I'm not British but I like the word "jumper".  I'd rather not sweat in a sweather... I'd rather jump in a jumper!  So yeah :) ]

Okay, so this is obviously not actual sign language of any official variety, whatsoever... to my knowledge.  Oh well.
5. sign language.
Sign language has passively interested me for a couple years, at least.  When I was in third grade, my teacher taught our class the ASL (American sign language) alphabet, which she would have us practise in order to quiet us down when she wanted our attention.  More recently, I've done some research on BSL (British sign language) and have been practising the alphabet and simple words and phrases.  ASL and BSL are vastly different, and in my opinion BSL is a lot simpler: a great amount of the signs resemble the thing they are a sign for (for example, the sign for cat is essentially drawing whiskers on your face with both hands).  Granted, I am by no means an authority in either language, so I'm not in a position to pass judgement.  But for my own amusement and curiosity, I think I'll be sticking with BSL.  I found a couple of great websites (here and here) which helped me to learn the alphabet and a great many words through short videos - it's a lot easier to understand the motions when they're actually being done in front of you instead of shown in a little hand illustration!



  1. Ah, how I wish Spring would just arrive already! It was in the lower 40s here today, and it's just such a tease!

    If you like poetry (and reading it!) definitely try out Rod McKuen's "Listen to the Warm" and John Keats' Love Poems. Those two are my favourite poets and some of their language is simply irresistable.

    Also, I applaud you in your attempts to eradicate animal tested beauty products from youe regime! Urban Decay's eye pencils are simply AMAZING, I cannot get enough of them! I'd definitely like to try to do a similar thing with my own beauty products. I did quit using Pond's, but I simply cannot get enough of my Johnson & Johnson's baby lotion! Maybe I'll try the Co-Op to see if they have anything similar....

    1. If I look at the weather forecast, it shows the temperature just plummeting down from tomorrow on - back into the 40s we go! I understand your pain.

      Keats is absolutely wonderful! I haven't heard of McKuen, but I'm definitely googling that poem as soon as possible :)

      Thanks! It's hard to find replacements for products you love love love (I was so upset when I found out about my Aussie deep conditioner!) but I recently found a great lotion from Giovanni (goodness, it sounds like I'm being paid to praise them! Haha, wouldn't that be the day) that smells divine and has done wonders for my poor winter-dry elbows and knees! While I got it at Wegman's along with the lemon scrub, I'm pretty sure they sell it at Target too.


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