Tuesday, 3 January 2012

five things [that make tuesdays less terrible].

Tuesdays.  Now, I don't like to be a day-of-the-week-ist or anything, but Tuesdays just don't make me happy.  The novelty of a Monday has worn off, and you're nowhere near Friday yet!  Today felt like a Monday, because I started school again, but it's a Tuesday all the same.  Bah, Tuesdays.

In order to put a positive spin on the new year, and make Tuesdays slightly more bearable (and less terrible - look, I can rhyme!), I decided that I'm going to post about five things that make me happy every Tuesday.  Series of blog posts always make me happy, so I thought I'd try one of my own!

All images found on Pinterest.

1. this dress from ASOS.
It's absolutely darling, with a very 40s-esque feel.  I'm really excited, actually, because I just ordered this!  Definitely an improvement to my Tuesday :)

2. Lollia perfume in "Relax".
Lollia perfumes are probably some of the loveliest concoctions I've ever smelled.  Their website describes this scent as "a rich exotic blend of fresh Lavender, Bee Blossom Honey with White Orchids and warm woody undertones of Indian Amber delicately completed with a touch of Tahitian Vanilla".  I'd describe it as absolutely amazing!  I only have a tiny sample vial of this, but I plan to fix that soon :)

3. Doc Martens.
Doc Martens are always fun and add just the right amount of "funky" to an outfit.  I'd really love a navy pair for springtime!

4. a Moleskine planner.
I'm chronically disorganized, but I'd like to channel a tiny bit of that disorganization into a planner this year.  Moleskines are classics for a reason - I'm thinking of a black weekly planner to write down all my goals and plans and dreams (and homework assignments) for the new year.

5. a nice cup of tea!
It doesn't just have to be a Tuesday - tea makes everything better, any day :)


I hope you had a happy (or at least mildly decent) Tuesday!



  1. "a nice cup of tea" this photograph - beautiful!

  2. I love Pinterest - it has the best photos!


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