Monday, 23 January 2012

journey to narnia.

It's so tranquil in my house...

...until my brother jumps in and attacks my photos!

Oops, distracted by my tea!

You can't normally see all these freckles I have... but they're there!  I guess that's what happens when you're an Irish-Jewish hybrid creature, haha :)  Along with the fact that I'm not wearing make-up in these photos.
This is my closet.  You can only see a little bit of it.  There also used to be a ton
of crap on the top of that hanger thing, but I took it all down and now it's spread
over my bedroom floor, yay!

I have quite a lot of clothes.
I also have quite a lot of crap.

It all has to be organised if I want to ever be able to find anything.
pyjama shirt - Victoria's Secret // jeans - American Eagle // knock-off Uggs (I used to have real ones... when I was five... but they no longer fit :( - Costco?
[As soon as I finished editing these photos, I sneaked my mother's (real) grey Uggs out of her room, haha.]

...or at least to the back of my closet!

For someone who loves clothes, my closet is depressingly (and somewhat terrifyingly) disorganised.  The layer of debris coating the floor is so thick, the entrance to Narnia really could be hidden back there and I would be none the wiser.  So on this fair Monday, when I had no school and way too much time on my hands, I took it upon myself (well, at my mother's insistence) to make sense of all this craziness!


Yeah, I'm only about halfway done, even after spending all day on it.  Also, my room is a big giant mess now.  But that's okay, because after this project is finished, my mum and I are going to install some new shelves/hanger things/storage spaces and maybe I'll have a teensy bit more organisation in my life!  God knows I could use it!

For the art of closet-cleaning, one must have an outfit suitable for sitting around and flipping through old notebooks and sneezing whenever old bags are full of dust!  That's why I only about halfway "got dressed" - I'm still wearing my pyjama shirt, Ugg boots, and no make-up, I just slipped into a pair of jeans to convince myself that I was actually awake this morning.

I guess, since I'm doing this now, I'll be exempt from the dreaded "spring cleaning"?



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