Tuesday, 17 January 2012

orange eyes protest your censorship.

My eyes look strangely orange today.  How odd.


polo jumper - US Polo Association // pleather-insert jeans - Jessica Simpson Collection //
plaid scarf - stolen borrowed from my mum // heels - Mudd (?) // crystal necklace - vintage pendant, chain added by me // lipstick - Revelon "Soft Rose" and lipliner - "Rose"

If you hadn't figured it out by the photos in this post, it was extremely windy today.  Whew.  And to think I felt the need to use volumizing hairspray today and then go take my pictures!

Today I... took exams (English and Chemistry), bought new lipstick (my only neutral colour, haha! but I really like it - I think it'll be my everyday colour :) ), and wore these heels which I've had forever but which for some reason people only started noticing/complementing recently.  It's been rather odd!  Also today I wore this polo jumper that was a Christmas present from my grandmother to my dad (but he didn't want it so I took it.  He's missing out, it's really quite warm!).

Oh, and also my blog is going to be closed tomorrow.

In protest of the US House of Representatives voting to pass SOPA tomorrow, my blog will be blacked out for twelve hours tomorrow, from 8am to 8pm.  I'm bad at protests and even worse with politics in general, but I think internet censorship is something that is definitely bad and needs to be stopped.  Check out the SOPA Strike website for more information about what's going on regarding the web blackout.  Keep in mind, I'm usually pretty apathetic towards politics, but this is important, guys.  It's our internet.  Let's keep it that way!



  1. I love your hair!! My sister has hair just like you and am so jealous.. Now you are an addition to that ;)


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