Thursday, 19 January 2012


floral blouse - Forever 21 // vest - American Apparel // skirt - a hippy music festival a loooong time ago // tights - Target // lace-up ankle boots - Elle for Kohl's // gold cuff - vintage from Grandmama

These outfit photos are somewhat old - I think this is what I wore on my brother's birthday, which was the tenth.  Okay, so not that old.  But still.

I always love when I can incorporate a piece of my "dress up" collection into an actual wearable outfit.  When I was a kid, I was one hundred percent convinced I was a fairy or some sort of magical creature.  So while my everyday wardrobe choices were typically green or grey, very plain and practical (hey, a fairy has to be able to run fly around the woods unhindered!), I would covet beautiful pieces like this skirt at the music festivals to which my parents brought our family every so often.  I picked up this skirt at one such festival (and I think Claire has a matching one in green... somewhere), and I also have a long, intricately embroidered and beaded dress from the same festival (but a different year).  The dress is a little less practical for everyday wear, but one of these days I must take photos in it!  It still makes me feel like a wood nymph or something when I put it on.

Come to think of it, if the dress fits me now... how on earth did I ever manage to walk, let alone play dress-up, in it as a child?

It was my fairy powers, obviously.


PS - I've been getting a lot of college emails lately.  And in every single one, they spell my name "Shli".  No A or Y, just "Shli".  I'm pretty sure I spelled my name right on the PSAT, so... huh.  Has this happened to anyone else, or is it just impossible, even for institutions of higher education, to spell my name correctly?

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