Sunday, 29 January 2012

sun salutations and chocolate cake.

jumper - thrifted // skirt - Target // bird pin - vintage from my grandmother // belts - Target (bottom one) and vintage from my mum (top one) // tights - Target // shoes - Indigo by Clark's // weird lump on my right ankle - a friendship bracelet-anklet-thing from summertime

It's a Sunday evening and I have homework to do.  There is so much tension in my neck and shoulders that my mother is making an appointment with a masseuse.  "There shouldn't be this much tension in you at such a young age," she says.  "Tell that to my school," is my only answer.  Or my head, I suppose.  My life feels extremely cluttered right now and my mind isn't much better off.  Some of the clutter has to go, or I'll shut down completely and never get anything done.  When I was younger, I had a happy place, an astral temple, a mind palace.  It was bright with big windows and old, dark floors.  The rooms were mostly empty.

My combat boots are falling apart, so they are being replaced with a pair of navy Doc Martens.  If my shoes are the only part of me that have a sole, I want it to be in good shape.  Today is a bad pun sort of Sunday.

The photographs above are from Tuesday.  Tuesday was really a Monday because there was no school on Monday, and every other day felt like Friday.  I don't like weeks like that.  I keep on planning for the future by buying things like hand lotion and dried fruit, but what I really need is a notebook to write down all the lists in my head.

Maybe if I can make some order on paper out of the chaos in my head, I can function properly and even get to sleep tonight.



  1. I have too much chaos too ... I was just looking around my house full of stuff tonight, trying to figure out what has to go ... books? Frames? Art supplies? Clothes? Things that are waiting to be used, just in case ... ? It seems everything gets used, looked at, serves a purpose ... but there's so much of it all. The only solution, I've found, really is to unload things ... just let them go, get rid of them. Perhaps thoughts as well. If you start writing lists, maybe all you'll have is everything else you already have, plus a lot of lists ...


    1. I have that problem - holding on to things just in case they'll be useful one day. What things are really just junk, and what do I want to save for posterity (hah)? I already have so many lists, I just need to collect them and organise them. It's a bit crazy.


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