Monday, 9 January 2012

tea and fireplace.

Yeah, contrast is obviously upped, but it's so cool and inky
and I want to have drawn it.

From the warmth of my house.

plaid button-down - Converse (Target?) // scarf - my dad brought it back from Amsterdam! // leggings - Kohl's // socks - Target // boots - Seychelles // earrings - Charming Charlie's // bird skull ring - Urban Outfitters

I think it's a tea-and-fireplace sort of day, don't you?

The first snow of the year is falling this evening, and I was so excited that it continued long enough to take photos in!  My neighbor's field across the street was the perfect backdrop for snowy happiness.

This hairstyle emerged from my attempt at creating Irene Adler (from BBC's Sherlock)'s hairstyle yesterday.  There aren't any tutorials online yet (c'mon, Tumblr, get on it!) but this wrap-up-your-hair-and-stick-bobby-pins-in-randomly technique seemed to work!  Well, it's not quite that random, but it's super duper easy!  I've been wanting my hair short lately, but I think this is a wonderfully convenient way to have "short" hair without making the commitment of actually cutting it.  I mean, you guys have seen my hair in pleeeeenty of photos - it's pretty much always just down.  And down is nice, but pretty repetetive.  It's always nice to have a bit of variety in your hairstyling - some go-to styles for when you need a [temporary] change!

This particular style is so easy and comfortable, though, I'm really tempted to just keep my hair like this forever!  Haha :)

There are a lot of papers and folders and textbooks sitting on my desk, looking angry and forlorn and accusing (yes, all at the same time), so I fear I must abandon you to slave over some homework.

But there will be a "five things" post tomorrow, in honour of what's sure to be, well, Tuesday.  Happy winter, my friends!


PS - I'm on Instagram now as "paintedmagnolias"!  Follow me if you like :)


  1. Oh, you look so gorgeous! You honestly have the most amazing eyes.

  2. Thank you so much, Bridget! You're too sweet.

  3. VERY beautiful photos!

  4. VERY beautiful photos!


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