Monday, 16 January 2012

walk softly and wear a big coat.

sweater - croft & barrow // pieced jeans - Simply Vera Vera Wang // plaid scarf - gift from my grandmama // heels - Famous Footwear // earrings - Christmas gift from my father // coat - BB Dakota // blue paper wristband - Tour de Nerdfighteria wristband!

On Saturday, my friends and I explored downtown Alexandria and had fun taking photos by the river.  I always feel a bit awkward about asking people to take my outfit photos for me, but Ellie did a great job!  (By the way, you should check out Ellie's YouTube channel - she's clever and hilarious and made of awesome!)  It was super cold and windy, which made me quite grateful for my coat - it kept me warm and swirled in the wind :)

Sweater, scarf, skinny jeans, and heels - that's pretty much my winter go-to uniform!  It's comfortable while remaining stylish and, extra importantly, warm.  Yay!

I watched the last episode of Sherlock last night with my friend Julie.  I was pretty much torn to pieces with equal parts sadness and amazement - and also excitement, because they finally announced that there will for sure be a third season!  So my emotions are a little shaky right now, but I can attest that it was absolutely bloody fantastic and if you haven't watched it already, GET TO IT.

Time for some last-minute studying before exams this week!


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