Thursday, 23 February 2012

think of me fondly.

My brother, in the background.

Cheesy happy jump shot.

Brother dearest.

striped tee - Target // floral shorts - Elle for Target // blue buttondown - thrifted // tights - Target // key necklace - made by me // boots - Kohl's // ring - vintage, gift from my grandmother // 
cuff - thrifted?

Hi.  Remember me?  Still here :)

I know you probably don't come to this blog to look at photos of motocross riders, but I had to take some of my brother as he rode by this afternoon.  Ain't he a handsome guy?

Spring break can't come soon enough.  Today was about 70 degrees, which is absolutely insane for February, and now I need springtime even more than before!  Springtime means it's almost summer, which means no school and no stress (and SUUSI!) and all manner of wonderful things.  Mostly, though, I'm looking forward to San Fransisco over spring break; a little more immediately, I'm excited for my school's winter ball on Saturday (well, "winter" considering the weather lately)!  I bought a blue dress from Anthropologie (yeah, the ball isn't too formal) and,  because it's a masquerade, I'm wearing a black and blue feather mask!  Haley and I are both going with a bunch of our friends, and I will be sure to post bunches of photos soon!

Are you excited for spring?  Or anything in particular?  I love that spring feels so hopeful - I mean, then the bugs start hatching and things get less fun, but it's nice to ignore that part for now!


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

five things [in which it still isn't a tuesday... oops.]

I am so bad at this whole scheduled post thing.  Apologies.  Maybe next week I'll get it right?

all images found on Pinterest.

1. mint nail polish.
Right now I'm wearing Essie's Turquoise & Caicos, which is a little more, well, turquoise than mint... but it's the closest I've got at the moment!  I really love the pastels popping up for spring - there's something very sweet and feminine and old world about them, and not saccharine at all when done right.  Love love love!

2. scented candles.
You've read my raving about scented candles, haven't you?  If you haven't, you've been spared - I'm rather obsessed.  The candles pictured above are from Diptyque, and I'm really excited because when I'm in San Fransisco over spring break, I am definitely stopping in their store to smell all the candles!

3. bees.
For my father's birthday, my brother and I gave him books about beekeeping.  I think he got the hint, because now we're considering having bees this spring!  I think it's a positively brilliant idea, because you get free honey, excellent flower pollination, super smart insects buzzing around, and they're super low-maintenance (hence the smarts) so they don't restrict travel :)

4. San Fransisco!
And speaking of travel: my family and I are going to San Fransisco in the spring!  My parents met whilst in chiropractic college in California, so it's a special place to them.  I've only been twice in my life, once when I was an infant and once when I was thirteen.  I'm so excited to see the city and its surrounding amazingness again!

5. apricot.
Along with mint and neutrals, I think apricot is my favourite colour for spring.  It's so fresh and clean, yet again has that old world feel to it that makes me think of sunshine and lace.  Or maybe I've just got cabin fever, and am desperately ready for spring!


Tuesday, 14 February 2012

love is a many-splendoured thing.

"I love you" in British Sign Language :)

It was very muddy out today!

jumper - thrifted // collared shirtdress - thrifted // tights - Target // shoes - Kohl's // 
necklace - vintage (from Grandmama)

Today I wore green and black, as only the truest fans of Valentine's Day do.  Or at least, that's my excuse.  I actually had to be reminded this morning of the fact that it was Valentine's Day, so I guess that tells you something.

It isn't that I have anything in particular against the holiday or those who celebrate it: I don't feel bitter or anything toward happy couples, because I'm single and happy and don't have the slightest interest in a relationship at the moment.  I do have to scoff a little at the blatant commercialism, because what else is a cynic like me supposed to do?  But on the whole, my feelings toward Valentine's Day are pretty much of the apathetic variety.

So the trees were my valentines today.

A lovely unwritten essay is sitting a couple windows behind the internet on my laptop right now, lurking in wait.  "I know you want to go to bed as soon as possible tonight," it whispers. "But I need some attention, and I'm going to bug you and make you feel guilty until you write me, and even then you won't  be satisfied.  So get working!"  I guess that can mean one of two things: I need to get to work on this paper to shut it up, or... I've reached the hallucinatory stage of sleep deprivation.


Saturday, 11 February 2012

the smell of dust after rain.


i want to see the mountains
in Siberia, and
i want to see the raindrops
in your hair
but you always use an umbrella
and warn me that i’ll catch a

i like to dance, sometimes.

your interactive dysphoria reflects
in the puddles, and
i can’t always protect you from the
nightmares which glow in your

rain pools around the windows i
leave open, and absorbs into patterns
you’ll never see on the floor.
you’re observant but stubborn, and
the crackling linoleum
doesn’t hold your worry for long.

i’m sorry your monsters illuminate
your fears, and
i’m sorry my monsters won’t grow
into lights.
i guess what i’m trying to say is
i’m sorry i take you for granted.

i’m tired, too.


Wednesday, 8 February 2012

five things [maybe it's tuesday, somewhere in the universe].

You may have noticed that this is Wednesday, not Tuesday.  Well, to be fair, I did post something yesterday!  Just not a five things post.  So there.

Images 1, 3, and 5 found on we♥it.  Images 2, 4 and 6 found on Pinterest.

1. flowers.
These upper-50s to mid-60s days are making me shift into spring-mode far too early.  It's only February, for goodness' sake!  Yet I find myself wishing flowers would start to appear in the fields and on the side of the road.  Crocuses always make me sad, because they inevitably die with the frost... but spring brings such beautiful flowers!

2. old books.
Looking through Pinterest had me nearly drooling at the sight of all the gorgeous libraries filled with old books and dusty arm chairs.  While some of my old books are actually for reading, a lot of them I buy just for the smell, or the paper, or the cover - they're excellent for pressing flowers, too (another reason why spring needs to arrive quickly)!  I'm lucky in that there are so many independent used bookshops in my area, so I can shop for old books to my heart's content.

3. instagram.
If you follow me on Instagram (I'm paintedmagnolias, if you don't!), you'll know that I post far too many photos when I'm bored.  But it's just so addictive!  It's probably the only app I use regularly, besides Facebook and Pandora.

4. being organised.
Ever since I cleared my closet of all its accumulated junk, and gave away a ton of stuff (as well as re-organised my room, too!), my mind has felt more at ease as well.  I'm not a super-neat person, but there's something about having a beautiful, organised space that helps clear my head.  Know what I mean?

5. braids.
I know I'm a little late on this trend (is it a trend?  I'm so bad with trends.  I just like things), but I'm super excited to grow my hair out so I can try some crazy braids!  I'm hoping that by growing it longer, the curl won't die too much... but that's what my favourite stylist Cinna is for!  I trust him to help me take care of my hair, whatever its length.  This is why it's great to have a wonderful stylist.  And I actually need to see him again soon, if just for a trim and to say hi...

6. sleeping in!
Oh, look, an extra!  That's my apology for being a day late, are you happy now?  But seriously - last night I got four hours of sleep, and that's basically the norm on which I've been operating for the past two weeks.  Manageable, but not fun.  Not fun at all.

I am so ready for spring break!  How about you?


Tuesday, 7 February 2012

flattery of the highest degree.

I'm so honoured to have been the subject of these three lovely pieces of art!  The first two are by Lara, a talented art teacher whose wedding I photographed over the summer (did I ever post those photos?  I don't think so.  What a shame), and the last is by my friend Rebecca.  Thank you so much, you two!

I suppose these can serve as a celebration of my 200th post.  Yay!


Monday, 6 February 2012

we keep on planting their bones in the ground.

jumper - thrifted // skirt - vintage (from my mum's hippy days) //
 tights and socks - Target // belts and heels - Kohl's

I felt like a wood nymph taking today's photos.  I had carried chairs down into the depths of my backyard, thinking I'd practise some Photoshop-enabled levitation, but alas - my camera refused to cooperate!  So I have these, and they make me happy because the light was beautiful.  They also seem to have drained me of all energy.  Is it acceptable to take a nap at 7:00pm?  Pfft, who cares - that's what I'm doing next!