Thursday, 23 February 2012

think of me fondly.

My brother, in the background.

Cheesy happy jump shot.

Brother dearest.

striped tee - Target // floral shorts - Elle for Target // blue buttondown - thrifted // tights - Target // key necklace - made by me // boots - Kohl's // ring - vintage, gift from my grandmother // 
cuff - thrifted?

Hi.  Remember me?  Still here :)

I know you probably don't come to this blog to look at photos of motocross riders, but I had to take some of my brother as he rode by this afternoon.  Ain't he a handsome guy?

Spring break can't come soon enough.  Today was about 70 degrees, which is absolutely insane for February, and now I need springtime even more than before!  Springtime means it's almost summer, which means no school and no stress (and SUUSI!) and all manner of wonderful things.  Mostly, though, I'm looking forward to San Fransisco over spring break; a little more immediately, I'm excited for my school's winter ball on Saturday (well, "winter" considering the weather lately)!  I bought a blue dress from Anthropologie (yeah, the ball isn't too formal) and,  because it's a masquerade, I'm wearing a black and blue feather mask!  Haley and I are both going with a bunch of our friends, and I will be sure to post bunches of photos soon!

Are you excited for spring?  Or anything in particular?  I love that spring feels so hopeful - I mean, then the bugs start hatching and things get less fun, but it's nice to ignore that part for now!


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