Saturday, 3 March 2012

astronomical consequences.

Finally, Doc Martens in my size!  Now for the dreaded breaking in...

collared shirt - J. Crew // skirt - hippy music festival // tights - Target // socks - who knows? // shoes - Elle for Kohl's // necklace - another hippy music festival, surprise surprise!

the first time you found yourself
in a star, your painted phalanges
left marks on the industrial
carpeting, on everything.  lead on:

keep the greenery to your
back, and remember
she always watches the
dust motes on glass so
hush, hurry –
dust is eloquent, it can’t

keep your chin up,
even when you think it’s boring,
the kind of evening nobody sees,
not infinite enough, not problematic,
just static.
shock yourself awake, make some
noise, tell the truth.
don’t drown yourself in nebulae.

maybe your eyes will meet
in spite of the storm of who you are – careful not
to take your eyes from the
sun too long.  remember
your physics lessons, your jazz
lessons, your magic.
look ahead, look above, be prepared.

openness and the hope of
those who don’t know what they’re
counting on.  they remember –
you remember, too, don’t you? –
the days of waiting.
it rains and rains and nothing
ever washes away because

the land is porous; everything
we wish would dissolve just
rolls down the street, feeds your
neighbor’s azaleas and
the stars look down along with
everyone you couldn’t fool.



  1. I like this look. Great skirt with the blue tights! Simply wonderful


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