Wednesday, 21 March 2012

the colour of our planet from far, far away.

oversized teal shirt - L.L. Bean (I told my father I liked his shirt, and he gave it to me!) // striped camisole - Kohl's // brown shorts - Kohl's // heels - Nine West // brown fedora - Urban Outfitter's
(photos courtesy of my father)

I'm not a  huge fan of birthdays in general - especially not my own - but in this case, I'd like to make an exception.  Mostly because I think it's pretty much a miracle that this blog has stayed alive for one whole year today!  Quite exciting.  As a celebration, I'd like to share with you the poem which lent its title to the name of this blog:

painted magnolias.
she sings
to the painted magnolia tree
peeking in
at her window sill
on warm, humid nights

a spray of vanilla
and salty sea breeze
remind her of
and tomorrow’s goodbyes

the flick of a knife
on her artist’s bouquet
petals shatter
to the floor
in a show of almost

staining the floorboards
with their sweet, glossy scent
they linger
then blow out the window
to join their brethren

no one has sung
to the old magnolia tree
since she left years ago
red scarf ‘round her neck
paintbrush in hand


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