Monday, 26 March 2012

the girl who was on fire.

Hey there!  I'm just chillin' here with my purple-red hair.

I kept falling as I twirled!

Me and m' bro.  Amused, he is.

grey top - Kohl's // skirt - my mum's, I think // denim vest - a thrifted kid's jacket, 
with the sleeves removed // shoes - Nine West // gold cuff - vintage, from my grandmama

On days when rain threatens to pour, and a tripod is simply to cumbersome to pick up and escape with if the thunder starts to roar, I can always count on my brother to take some flattering photos of me and my outfit.  You should have seen the photos I left out of this post!  Well, actually, you shouldn't.  That's why I left them out.  "Hey Shayli, your ankles are all prickly!"  snapsnapsnap  "Well yeah, that's why I wore a long skirt today.  I forgot to shave my legs."  There's my explanation for a lack of shoe close-ups.

Also, I wear these shoes all the time.  You're probably pretty familiar with them by now.  They're good friends of mine.

Did you see The Hunger Games movie?  I went to the midnight release with friends and was extremely worried I wouldn't like it.  All of the lead-up to the film in the press was about how attractive the actors were, and if I had to hear the phrase "Josh Hutcherson's jawline" one more time while in the ladies' room, I was going to hit some unsuspecting girl over the head with the tampon-dispensing machiene.  Which I would have ripped off the wall in my blind rage.  Or something.

But I wasn't disappointed!  Okay, so Gale was annoying and only had one facial expression (think Kristen Stewart), but I didn't like him all that much in the books, either.  And yes, they left some parts out and changed other parts to make more sense to people who hadn't read the books (though by this point, who hasn't?  They're such an easy read), but the changes were made in such a way that the movie was good, yet separate from the book.  I'm always the first to say "the book is always better than the movie," but in this case, they were two separate entities, both with strengths and weaknesses of their own.

Also, Jennifer what's-her-face and Jawline-Boy were better actors than I expected!  Happy surprise here :)

Lately, I know my posts have been extremely sporadic.  But on the bright side, the time I haven't been blogging has been devoted to biking through my neighborhood every day (apparently 3 miles, which makes me feel cool and active and such), alternating between warm sweaters and shorts and sandals, and preparing for our bees to arrive!  I'm very excited for our family to become one of beekeepers - so you'll probably see plenty of photos of the hive when we move them in to their pastel yellow hive :)  Spring break is in two weeks!  I am living for that trip to California, right now.  I can't wait to take a million photos and go shopping and bask in the glorious amazingness of the West Coast - it really has a totally different vibe (sorry, thinking about this is bringing out the hippy in me) than the East.

The sun is slowly washing away the grey of winter :)


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