Tuesday, 20 March 2012

like that time I thought Walt Whitman was from the '70s.

geometric tank - Target // teal bellbottoms - J. Crew // belt - vintage // orange bag - thrifted vintage // heels - Nine West // sunglasses - Target // lipstick - Revlon in Demure

Earlier yesterday (when I wore these clothes), my friends remarked on how much I looked like a 70's girl - so I decided to complete the vibe, go with the flow, fulfil my potential, be groovy, and blow-dry my hair straight, put on some big glasses, and pretend I know what decade goes with which fashion-y theme...  because I'm pretty sure I mixed up two or three there.

Today is the first day of spring!  I'm very excited, even though here in my area we seem to have totally skipped any pretence of "spring", and gone on straight to summer with temperatures in the 80s every day.  Yeesh.

Now I'm off to eat some leftover shepherd's pie and work on my schoolwork... some more.  I suppose I should stick an apology in here for not posting for several days - I'm sorry!  But life happens and I have no excuses.  So that was my lame apology of the month!

I have a couple of other sets of outfit photos to share, so those might be up later this week (we've a long weekend, hurrah!)... or not. 

[clever end line.]


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