Tuesday, 17 April 2012

nothing's ever quite my fault, or everything is at once.

I'm home in Virginia now, but the California photos just keep coming!  Between driving to Redwood City for a night and then waiting two or three hours in the airport before boarding the plane (and eating some surprisingly delicious avocado sushi whilst waiting!), I finally managed to edit a huge load of photos.  And believe it or not, these are just from one day.  Ladies and gentlemen, I now present to you: 
the sixth of April!
[cue cheering]

 This is a middle school, can you believe it?  It was huge!


I want one so much!  Isn't it the cutest, weirdest little van you ever did see? 

Strangers on a bench.  It isn't creepy if it's just for a pretty picture! 

Best macarons ever!  (Also maybe the only ones I've ever tasted but wow were they delicious!)  They were so good, I forgot to take a photo before I ate them, haha.

Still not creepy, I swear. 

Thar be Alkatraz, matey! 

Here lies the water valve, under a marker which resembles a tombstone.  Huh. 


I tried to get my brother to sit to the right of this charming graffiti, but for some reason he forcefully declined... 

That's a tree, folks. 

Also not creepy.  Cute. 


If you say so, Mycroft... 

If you made it this far, I'm impressed!  Woo!  And don't worry, there will actually be some outfits sooner or later - along with some outtakes from my foolish attempt to take outfit photos on the Golden Gate Bridge... dundundunnnnn!


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