Tuesday, 3 April 2012

five things [in which it's been a while.]

I'm leaving for San Fransisco on Thursday!  I am ridiculously excited and, as a result, this is a mostly travel-themed "five things" post :)

All images found on Pinterest.

1. vintage suitcases.
I've always wanted to pack my clothes into an old trunk for travelling!  Totally impractical in today's airports and such, but look how gorgeous they are, ahh.

2. retro swimsuits.
Always classy, universally flattering, and forever in style!  I'm particularly in love with these two beauties: from ModCloth and Anthropologie.

3. journalling.
I'm pretty terrible at keeping a journal long-term, but I always adore the results of people's journalled travels!  I suppose I'll just have to make up for my journalling deficiencies by taking lots of photos :)

4. fruit smoothies!
Smoothies mean summertime, and even though I can buy or make delightful smoothies in my own town, Jamba Juice is always our first stop when we go to California!  Yum yum yum...

5. quiet, rocky beaches.
The beaches on the East Coast seem to all look the same: endless stretches of sand and seaweed, populated with millions of umbrellas and sunburnt tourists.  Northern California, however, is home to some magical beaches.  They have a certain lonely beauty to them, because whenever you visit it's pretty much just you and one or two other cars (and they're always too cold to swim).  The photo above  was actually taken (not by me!) at the most transfixing place I've been on the California coastline, Bean Hollow State Beach.


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