Friday, 6 April 2012

if you're going to san francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.

Greetings, all!  Today has been pretty insane and everyone in my family is suffering a little from jet lag, so allow me to illustrate the day (and a bit of yesterday) through (quite a few) pictures:

Packing... light?  Yeah, not really my area.  (If you're interested in product names and/or reviews, ask in the comments and I'll let you know!  As of right now I'm feeling too tired to write them all out :P )

Sunnies!  Though I feel like I may not need quite this many in too-cool-for-sunshine Northern Cali.

My suitcase is carry-on sized.

Some clothes and PJ's.  Perhaps one tenth of what I managed to pack!

You can tell from the wrinkles (it was crammed in the bottom of a drawer) that I
haven't been swimming in a while!

D'you reckon this will be enough for twelve days?  Haha

Aside from some minor re-packing, this was the final result!  And after much to-do, it all closed :)  [Perhaps I should
give some credit to my mother, who was willing to store four pairs of my shoes in her own (checked) luggage!]

in the air.
The Rocky Mountains - spectacular!

The funny thing is, I wasn't even sitting by the window!  I had the middle seat
and my poor brother had the window, so I was constantly elbowing him
in the face to catch these shots :)

So gorgeous!  I think this was right as we flew over the border between Nevada
and California.

San Francisco.

Even the Sephora, which probably has the exact same products as the one in my town, is prettier here!

Cables for the cable cars!  (Edit: Apparently, those cool cable car things I thought were going by were actually just
electric buses.  Still cool, but I guess I'll have to find some real cable cars to photograph!)


My mother modelled for me so I could check the light here.  C'est le background of
my outfit photos, which you'll see soon!

Mummy likes her coffee.

My father's favourite - chocolate croissant!


First shopping of the trip!  You'll probably see my purchases soon :)

This was wrapped around a streetlamp - and on all the parking signs.  I don't know what it
was for, but it was quite interesting!

Not tea tree?

I picked up this vintage silk scarf at American Apparel.

We can see the Golden Gate Bridge from our hotel room!

Sorry for the lack of outfit photos!  I have them, I just need to edit and share them... maybe later today :)



  1. So, I absolutely adore the pictures from the plane! Too pretty :)


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