Monday, 2 April 2012

it is easy to see the beginnings of things, and harder to see the ends.

I made a friend!  Say hi to Mr. Inchworm :)

floral mini-dress - modified from a hand-me-down that was too big for me (sleeves cut off, made significantly shorter - hey, you saw the excess fabric around my neck yesterday!) // cardigan - Urban Outfitters // snazzy espadrilles - Coconut (bought at DSW) // amber and silver shoe necklace - gift from my grandmama, from Italy

I'm so proud of my mum, she's improving significantly in her outfit photo-taking skills!  I used to end up with lots of crooked shots: A+ for effort, though!  Now it's an A+ for the actual photos as well.  I usually don't like posing for actual people when taking outfit photos (I take all of my own with a tripod and remote shutter release) because I act awkward and self-conscious and that shows in the end result, but it does help to have a real person behind the camera, because they can get shots from different angles and make sure the auto focus isn't on the fence behind you.

This is what I wore on my tour of My Favourite University!  It was a lightly humid, drizzly day, but it did get warm after a while so I was glad I could take my cardigan off and on.  Mad Virginia weather - some things don't change with college!

I think I'm in love with these zebra-print espadrilles.  I went to DSW in need of some springy sandal wedges to bring with me to California, but was totally blown away by these (they're so different from what I had in mind walking into the store).  They're just weird enough that they add a second-glance factor to pretty much any outfit.  Huzzah, pattern-mixing!  Though I've been informed that both animal print and floral print can act as neutrals, so what does that make my outfit here?  Neutral, neutral, beige?  Hmmph.  I like my "second-glance factor" theory better!

This month, I'm participating in BEDA - Blog Every Day in April.  Which basically means I'm going to try to post more often.  Hopefully this will result in posts every day, but seeing as the end of the year is fast approaching, please don't throw rocks at me if I miss a day!  Then I'll just have big, painful bruises on my face and arms when I do get around to posting outfit photos :P


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