Friday, 6 April 2012

it is the sum of many tiny secrets, one after another.

striped top - Kohl's // brown jacket - stolen from my mum's closet // teal "capris" (actually just rolled-up trousers) - American Eagle // loafers - Bed Stü // silly mismatched socks - Costco // bag - Target

So yeah, this would be yesterday's outfit!  My outfits will probably be a day late the whole time I'm here in San Francisco, because there's just so much to do during the day that I can't be certain of time to edit my outfits and the plethora of gorgeous 'Frisco pics (which, to be honest, I'd rather be staring at than my "oh gods please no one look at me I'm not taking outfit photos in public no way not me" outfit photos!

If you'd like to see some more frequently updated photos of what I'm up to, you can follow me on Instagram: I'm paintedmagnolias.  I kind of can't stop taking photos of, well, everything!



  1. Beautiful pictures! I also am very shy about taking outfit photos in public; while I try to rationalize to myself that most of the people will never see me again anyways, I still feel goofy. :P

    Hope you're enjoying San Francisco! I live in Oakland, but visit almost every other week. I was there today and the weather was lovely, wasn't it? :)

    1. Thanks! I know, I do the same rationalizing, but I'm so used to taking my photos by myself out in the country, haha. It's quite different!

      I absolutely LOVE this city. And apparently we were really lucky, weather-wise, because it was warm (for the most part... I was still chilly!) and fog-less. We've driven down to Santa Cruz to visit some friends today, and according to the Weather Channel, this is supposed to be the last day of sunshine before rain rain rain! Oh well, we'll enjoy it by exploring beaches all day :)


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