Saturday, 7 April 2012

somewhere in the darkness, in liquid lack of light.

striped dress - Kohl's // striped cardigan - Aeropostale (guilty, I know, but it's a nice sweater!) // jacket - L.L. Bean (stolen from my father, haha) // shoes - Dolce Vita // 
tights (you can't see them but it was COLD!) - Target

Yesterday's outfit kept me a little bit warm, but not enough!  It was quite chilly and I didn't have a scarf or adequate coat.... sadness.  But I did have hot tea, and that is almost as good!  These photos were taken on the roof of our hotel - there are all sorts of pretty plants growing up there :)

We're actually on our way out to dinner now, so I've got to run!  In my next outfit post you'll see some of the purchases I've made here in San Fran, and a little rant about lipstick.



  1. Love the way you style a jeans shirt with a maxi dress, your blog, followed!
    Hope you can visit my blog as well:

  2. I've always wanted to be on the roof of a building :) You're so pretty Shayli!

    1. Thanks, Kayleigh :) And it was so cool! Except my mum was playing photographer, so I couldn't do anything more fun and sit on the edge, haha.


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